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2007-05-23 Compressor updated
Last evening came the release of the new version of my compressor. Priorities for what would be in this version has changed a bit during the past months. Almost all focus has been on bug fixing and stability improvements and less focus has been on adding new features.
The only new feature in this version is support for MSIE conditional comments, something that I did not even know existed in javascript before I read this blog post on the subject, written by my "competitor" Dean Edwards.
Lots of code has been rewritten and lots of tests have been performed in various browsers on different platforms. Having tested this version on a large amount of files and not encountering a single one that failed after compression, I think I can now start focusing on adding new features for the next version.
As with previous versions, no special preformatting of your scripts is needed to have them work after compression. Use semicolon or don't. It does not matter. The only requirement is, as with previous versions, that you use iso-8859-1.


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